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David Cage is no unfamiliar person to blurring the line somewhere between movies as well as video games. His previous game, Heavy Rain, serves as possibly the best cinematic game in the current generation, choice . “game” is known as a myriad of quicklime gatherings together with pressing X to Jason.

Having Beyond: A couple Souls, Cage wants to help you yet again deliver a movie-style experience in game sort, this time enlisting the talents for Ellen Page plus Willem Dafoe to experience his characters. We await in great anticipation and just as before hoping to be blown away, while hopefully we will see more additional GAME play this occasion around.

Sky landers: Swap Force 

Disney could possibly be looming within the distance, but Activation is within the driver’s seat. They do know maintaining your figurine market, as they’ve experienced that for two years in excess of Disney-or any person else has. Sky lander is actually a game to become reckoned with, and also Activation isn’t gonna let anybody forget that either.

Skylanders Swap Force boasts figurines along with interchangeable parts, allowing for multiple variations in the center of 16 colorful characters. This points too Activision knowing there is potential “figure fatigue” forwards and backward between games, as a result there methodology this calendar year is “less is more.” It’s an intelligent proposition, nevertheless we’ll see whether it will hold off Mickey Mouse and association.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 


” might not have the identical ring to it because the normal saying, but it’s something we’ll be listening for when all of us finally play Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The actual trademark humor of the Lego series should translate nicely towards the Marvel universe, plus the family-centric gameplay. Youngsters adore Lego games, youngsters really like Marvel super heroes, so merging the two is really a no-brainer.

We’re questioning precisely how heavy in to the Marvel roster this game will go. We’ve seen the particular Lego Avengers, and also we’re positive the particular Lego X-Men aren’t past an acceptable limit behind, but think about Lego Guardians with the Galaxy? Can we have the ability to continue an adventure since Lego Rocket Raccoon? We all don’t determine if we could handle all that awesomness

Batman: Arkham Origins

This October, players will be heading back to Gotham City, while Arkham Origins promises to continue this Arkham name, solely this time with some yuletide cheer. You heard that right, the younger Bats will probably be battling famous brands Black Mask, Death stroke, and even more during the most wonderful time of the year.

Despite the actual leap way back in time, Origins will bring the identical modified Unreal Engine 3 in the additional Arkham games, as well as some completely new methods within the Dark Knight’s sleeve. While Rock steady Studios isn’t really in charge this time, we nonetheless are not able to wait in order to spread a few early Christmas cheers along with Batman this fall.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

We’ve competed throughout the Holy Land, your Renaissance, and the American Revolution, yet this time the actual Assassins are taking you over a Caribbean island vacation throughout Assassin’s Creed IV. Absolutely no Henry Rollins in this article, merely swashbuckling adventures seeing that Captain Edward Kenway, grandfather for you to ACII’s Connor.

Much better naval combat, underwater traversal, and an open up Caribbean planet is likely to make Black Flag this most committed Assassin’s Creed but. Additionally we saw sharks in the waters, and if we can cut any shark, we’ll be each and forever greatful. Please make sure us folks make it happen.

Battlefield 4 

The Battlefield/Call of Duty rivalry will see another entry in 2013, while Battlefield Several releases 1 week before the yearly Call of Duty installment. The 1st trailer pertaining to BF 4 got video game visuals are completely risen to new elevations, and while the trailer had been for next-gen systems, there’s no reason to believe that a number of which graphical fidelity won’t move on the current systems.

It appears as though Battlefield four will not carry forward from BF3 adequately’s, with more of a similar first-person player shoot em-up experience we’ve noticed previously. We do trust there are far more vehicle-based missions this time around, however. Fighter jets, submarines, tanks, they’re finished wonderfully. Much more of it all, please.


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