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I am really tired of getting punched out at Black Ops 2.  Yeah I’m sick and tired of being shot in the head and not seeing where it came from.  I am also tired of being a biscuit for a Zombie.  

If you are tired of being as pathetic a player as I am, or if you just want to be the best there is then get the Black Ops 2 Guru guide.  You will learn the strategy of the pro’s and you will get 1080P videos with the guide to aide you at being the best.  Next time you’re watching MLG (major league gaming) maybe you will be a participant rather than watching at home. You might be saying, “Nah I don’t want the Black Ops 2 Guru guide because they came out with the DLC expansion Revolution.

“  Good news people the expansion is covered by the Black Ops 2 Guru guide.  Yes, you will learn how to use the weapons and the load outs.  This guide covers everything for you to unlock your true potential.   You will become a one man, or woman, army with unstoppable knowledge on your side.  Also you will receive the best training to handle the Zombie horde; so you won’t be a chew toy…well until a very high level. Tired of watching the MLG and saying, “Gee I wish I was that good at slaying people with the ballistic knives.”  Well you can put Ted Bundy and Charlie Manson to shame with this guide.

 Learn what to use and how to use the load outs to maximize your killing potential.  They will call you the Neo Butcher of Black Ops 2…..or not. People do not watch MLG and say, “Wow, look at the biceps on that gamer.”  No but they could be saying, “Wow, that gamer is incredible!  Must have a huge frontal lobe, or learned with the Black Ops 2 Guru guide!”  So if you can’t move objects with your mind or able to solve Pi (3.147); then purchase Black Ops 2 Guru and become The Guru!


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