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If you follow the simple steps you will be able to host a Online Games site with Games for free. It is Sunday in the afternoon and you feel a little bit dissatisfied about your online business. What would be more effective against your constitution than running your own games website.

Choosing a domain name. This is the first important step. Here you have to decide weather you choose a name containing the words “online” and “games” or you decide to create a name which will be your new brand. We recommend to combine this facts an the result would be looking like “Kawonga-online-games…”.

This will be honored by search engines because the domain name represents the content of the website. Setting up your Website. After the new domain is registered at your hoster, you can set up the web space with Joomla 1.5. There are many tutorials on installing Joomla. Just google it if you are in trouble. When Joomla is installed you will be able to fill it up with games. Online Games – 10.000+ Online Games Arcade The 10.000+ Online Games Arcade is a huge Games Arcade which will fill up your website with, at the moment, over 25000 Games. 407 Fun Games is a plugin which gives easy access to a big Games page included in your site (and not only for Joomla). Look at the fun games page. Simply follow the installation instructions. Now your games website is online with no cost. The only thing you need to pay is your hoster. Preferences for the full installation: – Joomla 1.5 (free) – Domain – 400 MB Web space with SQL Database – Joomla must be supported by your hoster Enjoy!

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