Unity 3D Games Are Now The New Blockbuster Games.

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A new browser plugin named “unity 3D” is available now and is competing flash, silver light, and shock wave in the online games niche. For now only a few websites host unity games, but the plugin becomes more and more popular, and the users are searching for unity 3D games more and more.

 The new flash games and unity 3D games website is called GAME-BOX.US . It’s a special portal that lets the users to decide if the game worth to be played and be showed in categories at all. There are 2 scoring and rating systems, first is the regular 0-5 game rating. And the second is voting for game to be moved to “Golden pantheon” or “The junk yard”  🙂  if the game gets more than 20 votes for “Gold” or “Junk” it moves to the corresponding section of the portal.

The “golden” games are published at the top of the website in a nice dynamic flash scrolled, and the “junk” games cannot be played and viewed in categories at all, but can be shown only from special “junk” section. This way users can chose only the best flash games on the web that are worth playing, and remove all the “junk” games (that were made with no effort to build a quality game, but only to do some income on the Macromedia ads), after some time, the most rated games only will be left on the portal. It has a great unity 3D randomize cube module in it’s sidebar that looks really innovative. I never saw such module on any website, I liked it very much. Also the site has a lot of shock wave 3D games that are placed in the same category where unity games are placed.

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